Study Abroad in Austria

Study Abroad in Austria – 2014

Dear Network Members,

Please find attached, a flyer for an upcoming sustainability-focused study abroad program in Austria. On May 19-31, 2014, I will be leading a study abroad program on urban and environmental sustainability. Austria offers a tremendous concentration of sustainability and environmental innovation.

The program will highlight a wide range of sustainability topics including applications in energy, transportation, housing, urban development, waste, water, and agriculture. We will meet with experts and visit sites in five Austrian cities, including Vienna, Linz, Salzburg, Graz, and Güssing. In addition to exploring projects, we will learn about international, national, and local policies intended to advance sustainability, as well as private sector innovations.

I am hopeful that you will share the attached flyer with your students. The program is open to graduate students, as well as upper division undergraduates. Registration for the program occurs during the spring semester, with travel during the second half of May.

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Austria, Switzerland, and Sweden

by thundercats

I was able to figure out how to do it but once illegally in Austria working under the table at a ski area. However, i went to a consultant out of the Bay Area and they helped me get a job with a work visa in Switzerland after college but it required you to speak German on the job. Then I started working in Sweden was much easier job to get but only because an employer wanted to hire me and that is the key to getting a work visa.
If you have someone that wants to hire you they can apply with their respective government and apply for your work visa. It only took about 2 weeks after I was hired until I saw my application was accepted

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