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Recent UCF Alumnus Lands Job in Vienna, Austria

Marco FunkImagine living in a beautiful and exotic city, learning the culture and interacting with different people.

This was exactly the task assigned to Marco Funk, ’11, when he moved to Vienna, Austria and later begin his job as a research and communications associate for the International Organization for Migration. Funk works in the Research and Migration Law Department, with the European Migration Network (EMN), a Europe-wide network of government institutions, think tanks and NGOs that prepare comparative studies on migration issues in Europe. For Funk, being a research and communications associate means having to fit a variety of different tasks into his work routine. For instance, he is responsible for creating newsletters, brochures and other stakeholder outreach materials; updating the EMN Austria website; planning and organizing events; desk research; maintaining a database of national stakeholders and document proofreading.

Funk spent some years in Italy and the United Kingdom before coming to UCF, and went on to do his master’s degree in Paris, France after graduating. Despite the great distance from his alma mater, he still tries to stay connected to UCF. Funk was happy to share his UCF memories with us.

Why did you choose to attend UCF?

I liked the flexibility of UCF’s political science program, which allowed me to freely choose many elective courses. I was impressed by the huge selection of student clubs and extracurricular activity options, and generally found that UCF offers a good value education.

How has your UCF degree helped you in your career?

American degrees are generally well respected in Europe, so my UCF degree has helped me stand out from others in job applications. I was also able to build job-related skills early due to extracurricular activities.

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World's first sex school opens in Austria
London: While many people may think it's an activity which should be best learned behind closed doors, an enterprising Swedish schoolmistress thinks otherwise.
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