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Why Is Youth Unemployment So Low In Austria?

Johannes SchweighoferThere has been a substantial debate of youth issues on SEJ [Youth Unemployment Debate]. This is a further contribution seen from the perspective of a so-called ‘success’ country.

In principle, there are two ways to answer the question raised in the title:

I. To be frank: nobody really knows!

SEJYouth1Whenever you take a closer look at any argument put forward to answer this question, you will soon realize its limitations and drawbacks, whether the argument refers to the famous dual system, to the social partnership, or to active labour market programmes, etc.

II. Measurement issues

Youth unemployment rates are NOT an accurate measure to grasp the situation of young people in the labour market because these data basically are blurred by decisions to further attend schools or universities and by allocation issues such as counting apprentices as being full-time employed . This is valid for more or less every country. Taking a broader picture into account, i.e. NEET rates, employment rates, unemployment ratios and unemployment rates, it would be fair to say: the labour market situation for young people is particularly favourable in the Netherlands, Austria, Denmark and Germany, according to an unweighted average of these indicators.

But if labour market conditions for young people are defined relative to the overall labour market situation in a country to highlight the situation of 15-24 years old persons – as is done by the green line in the figure above – Austria moves somewhat closer to the EU27 average. Seen from this perspective, the situation for young people is particularly bad in Sweden, Luxemburg, and Italy; this comes somewhat as a surprise.

SEJYouth2 SEJYouth3

He speaks and comprehends English just fine

by cl

He just has an Austrian accent.
He is not your typical immigrant as he claims. He was quite well-off in Austria before he came to America and owned three fitness centers there before he came to America.
His first trip to America was as a celebrety to partake in a body-building contest, so his "I'm an immigrant" story compares in no way to the motivated worker who came here with $10 in his pocket and worked his way up.
He's fought many battles he's had to retreat from. I have a feeling his re-election is doubtful. The first time, he went to mainly college campuses and got elected as a celeb

Advise on studying abroad

by tlbrink

I personally did not study abroad, but I taught in several foreign universities and accompanied some U.S. college students on a study abroad.
Overall, it is a great experience, so try to do it.
However, there are two pitfalls to avoid.
1. Coordinate your study abroad with your degree-granting institution in the U.S. For example, the University of Redlands maintains its own program in Salzburg Austria. Students study there one semester or one year and do not lose any units or time. The community colleges of southern California have a consortium with programs in Salamanca Spain and Longon

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