Universities Offering free education in Austria

10 Universities Offering Free Science Courses Online

Free online courses in science are offered by real schools. Learn which science courses are available, what topics they cover and which ones lead to real college credit.

Online Science Courses for Credit

Schools with free online science classes, such as though offered through OpenCourseWare programs, do not generally require students to register in order to gain access to course materials, but they also do not award college credit for completion.

Education Portal offers an affordable alternative to students who'd like to work their way toward real academic credit via online courses covering microbiology, anatomy and physiology, basic genetics and more. All classes include free lesson transcripts and are taught by experienced instructors who use a teaching style that makes the material approachable. Registered members who pay a small fee can also access short video lessons and self-assessment quizzes. Some of the courses offered include:

African Virtual University

This international university offers several online courses in English for students from around the world. The Inorganic Chemistry course includes QuickTime videos and PDFs of lecture notes to teach students about the configuration of elements and the periodic table of elements.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The OCW initiative at MIT includes dozens of undergraduate and graduate-level courses related to science. Many of the courses include lecture notes, assignments, exams and video clips. Organic Chemistry I is an undergraduate course where users learn about the structure of organic molecules, in addition to organic chemistry vocabulary. Students learn how to write transformations and how to draw structural representations and aromatic compounds. The course includes exams and their solutions for students to look over if they wish.

The Rise of Modern Technology studies the history of science while examining philosophy, social structure, magic and folk knowledge. The course includes readings from Aristotle, Einstein, Darwin and Freud. Students must purchase the majority of these works, but some readings are available for free download. Lecture notes and information on the class assignments are available on the course website

A few responses

by elkgroveatty

1 - He must be checking out Sacramento for a reason, even if his kid is in SD. There are plenty of law schools between SD and Sac. So, Sac must have some appeal.
2 - If you read my prior post, McGeorge has a well respected international law program, including a summer in Austria with a Supreme Court Justice. My further point was that there is a lot of international law, including lobbyingm going on in Sac.
3 - Again, depending on what his plans are, local rep may be important.

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[91VOA]More Universities Offer Free Online Courses
[91VOA]More Universities Offer Free Online Courses
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