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Living in AustriaThe InterNations Expat Guide for working and living in Austria

Are you an expat working and living in Austria? Or are you preparing to move soon to Vienna, Innsbruck or any other of the Austrian international hotspots?

Expat life in Austria has much to offer and provides a great intercultural experience – from discovering the countryside like the Neusiedler See, in the rural Burgenland district, learning how Austrian people celebrate Austrian Nationalfeiertag, up to tasting Austria’s favorite dishes such as Apfelstrudel.

We certainly do not limit ourselves to Austria, though. Our guide includes many more expat hotspots, with advice ranging from living in Iceland to working in Poland.

Working in AustriaWorking and living in Austria – Valuable Information from A to Z

Moving to and living in Austria requires a wealth of up-to-date, trustworthy information on various aspects of Austrian expat life. Living abroad in Austria raises a lot of questions such as: ʺHow do I find the best relocation services for moving to Austria?ʺ, ʺWhat's an Austrian "Autobahnvignette" for my vehicle?ʺ, ʺWhich international school in Vienna should our kids attend?ʺ or, ʺHow do I obtain a work permit for my spouse at the Austrian municipality in Salzburg?ʺ

Collecting all that information on working and living in Austria is quite laborious and time-consuming. Our InterNations Expat Guide for Austria aims to help you and provides you with reliable info on those topics that matter to expats living in Austria. The Guide includes information on many different areas ranging from education and children, to local organisations & companies or housing and household, up to administration & finance. Typical questions related to expat life abroad, such as ʺWhy is a TBE/FSME vaccination recommended in this country?ʺ, will no longer remain unanswered.

However, InterNations does not only address expats in Austria. We have brief overview guides for various locations around the world – from living in Japan to living in Peru.

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