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Students from Macao at their stall

Ramu Damodaran

For the third time the “Cross-Cultural Business Conference will take place on the 14th of May at the University of Upper Austria - Campus Steyr. The Agenda includes “Interculture in Global Business and Human Ressource Management”, “Intercutural Communication and Media” as well as “Intercultural issues of the University Education”.

Ramu Damodaran is the Deputy Director for Partnerships and Public Engagement in the United Nations Department of Public information’s Outreach Division and will make the key note speech on “The new borders – how national borders are being overtaken and how initiatives like United Nations Academic Impact and collaborative business can help overcome these”.

Furthermore he will held the workshop “Encouraging Global Citizenship through Education” together with Kyla Mitsunaga, a Professor at Yonsei University and a Harvard graduate with teaching experience of more than 10 years at Universities in Boston, California and Seoul.

Take also the opportunity to join the International Fair, where international students from 25 countries are pleased to invite you to their stalls to sample their national foods and drinks at the ‘Global Village’ in the foyer of the old building. Be prepared for some games and traditional performances.

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Zenit News Agency ( Austria (Zenit) - International organizations need to know that being a Christian in Europe sometimes means being the victim of Christianophobia, say the promoters of a new Web site detailing this phenomenon.
The "Europe for Christ!" network launched from Vienna to both explain what Christianophobia is, and to tell how Europeans have experienced it.
"Christianophobia means irrational fear or hatred of Christians, or Christianity in general," explained Gudrun Kugler, founder of the site

Think about a travel club

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Go on a dream trip with World Ventures. It's safe and affordable. I remember traveling alone in Europe when I was a college student at Webster University in Vienna, Austria. The weekend trips i took with friends were always easier; but I discovered when I traveled alone I would always meet new people and make new friends. Some people come with their spouses or friends; but many come alone. Most people just join the dream trip travel club division of World Ventures while others also work for the company like me. I work for them part-time and also am a mom and a writer. I'm going on the journey trip in June

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