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Only an innovative society is fit for the future. Innovative enterprises, research companies and new technologies make up Austria’s backbone in international competition. And constitute the foundation of the country’s prosperity and employment. Innovations are the drivers of success in our modern economy.

Innovations are the drivers of success in our modern economy. They determine corporate success, impact the competitiveness of our economy and create new and better jobs. For Peter A. Bruck innovations - and thus, successful "research output" - are highly process-dependent. Innovation means added-value through knowledge.

Zubrovnik's Ghost
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Skiing in austria - best resorts

by whats_a_starting_point

Hey - I'm thinking of planning a vacation to go skiing in Austria after New Years. I've searched around and have found plenty of sites, but all of them just have lists of the (hundreds of) Austrian ski resorts.
What are the biggest/best resorts, both for skiing as well as other activities (nightlife, etc.)?
I can do all my own research once I know what places to look at, I just can't get started!

Why two thirds of children are wearing the wrong size shoe  —
Measure your child's foot then add 12mm. Extensive research in Austria shows this will guarantee you get the right size shoe that won't cause long-term damage to your child's feet. Why getting the right size matters.

Six Orchestral Serenades from South Germany and Austria (Recent Researches in the Music of the Classical Era)
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Nature Wonders DACHSTEIN CAVES Austria
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Koch Schwann (Germ.) Courtly Hunting Music
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