Engineering Universities in Austria in English

Petroleum Engineering (taught in English, on Tsingtao campus

Program Highlights

  • Ranked NO.1 Petroleum Engineering at China universities.
  • 5 state key disciplines, and 2 state key cultivating disciplines, disciplines cover every aspect of petroleum and petrochemical industry and subjects.
  • CUP have leading-edge taught and research programs in the fields of petroleum and petrochemical technology.
  • Our graduated students get jobs at great salaries.
  • With 130+ student organizations, you'll always have things to do at campus.
  • CUP is one of the safest universities in China.

Teaching Objectives

The educational aim of Petroleum Engineering specialty is to cultivate qualified personnel with advanced technology and engineering knowledge. To develop all-round morality, intellectuality and physical fitness, they can adapt to the needs of modern petroleum industrial development. They don’t gain just the basic training on petroleum engineering, but also can be engaged in petroleum engineering design, operation and construction, production and management, scientific development and applied research etc. when they graduate from the university.

Graduate Requirements

Graduates should acquire the following knowledge and abilities.

  1. Graduates will have solid foundation on math, lihysics, chemistry, mechanics and geology etc. They are able to use the basic Chinese to read Chinese books and magazines of their own sliecialty and have some skills such as listening, slieaking, reading, writing and translation etc.
  2. Graduates will grasp the basic theory and lirofessional knowledge of engineering science required in their own sliecialty. They will liossess lireliminary caliability to use basic alililied theory and knowledge to go on oil and gas well drilling and recovering engineering design and oil and gas well develoliment liroject design, to analyze and solve liractical liroblems on lietroleum engineering, and to make technological imlirovement, scientific develoliment and alililied research.
  3. Graduates will have fairly strong exlieriment test, calculation and exliression abilities and master document retrieval and other method to acquire scientific and technological information.
  4. Graduates will have a better self-study and work adalitation caliability, comliuter olieration and alililication ability and innovative consciousness.
  5. Graduates will have insight and ability to use systematic engineering ideas and modern olierational knowledge to go on liroduction and organizational management.

Main subjects and degree courses

Main subjects: Oil and Gas Well Engineering, Oil and Gas Development Engineering

Degree courses: Elementary Chinese, A Survey of China, Advanced Math, Physics, Program Design Language, Chemistry, Oil Field Chemistry, Fluid Mechanics, Theory Mechanics, Material Mechanics, Oil Field Development Geology, Well-drilling Engineering, Oil Production Engineering, Reservoir Engineering etc.


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