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The Arc de Triomphe at duskRich with history and flowing with energy, Europe is the perfect blend of old and new. With so many countries to choose from, teachers will find that Europe is an ideal destination to balance work and play. As an educator, you will have the chance to teach English or focus instructing a variety of other subjects. As a traveler, it is easy to go on a weekend getaway to other countries, all while soaking in the culture in your local European city or town. Whether you end up teaching in a bustling city in Germany, an island off the coast of Greece, or a sleepy town in Poland, you will find challenge and fulfillment in helping others learn your language.

The Arc de Triomphe at dusk

  • Countries: 50
  • Size: 3, 930, 000 sq. mi
  • Population: 739, 165, 030
  • Largest Country: Russia
  • Smallest Country: Vatican City
  • Popular Countries for Teachers: Spain, Italy, Czech Republic
Czech Republic's incredible cityscapePublic Schools:

Some European governments run programs that foster cultural and intellectual exchange through the placement of ESL teachers in public schools. These are great programs for teachers who are passionate about living in a certain country, and have perhaps studied the national language and history.

Often, teachers are provided housing and other benefits to improve the English language curriculum in public schools. Some act as teacher's assistants or some may even be given their own classroom. Even so, the opportunity to teach in a European public school will provide teachers will the professional skills to start or continue a career in education.

Language Schools/Academies:

In almost every city in Europe, you will find several privately-owned language schools. These institutes specialize in after-school and evening classes for English language learners. You will teach English to children and adults, as an instructor at a language academy. Additionally, you might have students who are beginners or those looking to advance their proficiency by taking a high-level, business English course. Either way, language schools offer flexible schedules (as you will likely work afternoons, evenings, or weekends), leaving plenty of free time to explore the sights and beauties across Europe.

International Schools:

Europe is deeply integrated and involved in international business, politics, and pop culture. Most Europeans are proficient, and even fluent, in 3 or more languages (wow!). That being said, there is no shortage of international and bilingual schools. English is hands down the most popular second language that students are taught in school.

The Czech Republic's incredible cityscape

TEFL + Teaching:

A combination TEFL + teaching program is a great option for new teachers or those fresh out of college. Teachers can receive their TEFL certification after completing the minimum 120-hour course. Most programs will help by providing job assistance for their TEFL course participants. Teachers will have the chance to apply for jobs at partner schools (private, public, or international) while conveniently located in their country of choice. ITA and LanguageCorps offer these combination programs in multiple European countries.

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UN Statistics Division (1999) ....1999 so kinda old
Average age at first marriage for women by country
#1 Sweden: 31.4 years
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#5 Norway: 28.6 years
#6 Australia: 28.6 years
#7 Finland: 28.3 years
#8 Netherlands: 28.3 years
#9 Switzerland: 28.2 years
#10 Ireland: 28.2 years
#11 Germany: 28.2 years
#12 Austria: 27.9 years
#13 United Kingdom: 27.7 years
#14 Canada: 27.4 years
#15 Japan: 27

Good article on why Austrians are so fucked up

by snakeskin7

"There is also the country's apparent problem with institutional racism. There is concern over a number of deaths and injuries in police custody of foreign nationals. (There have been no convictions; Amnesty International has made a formal complaint.)
There is a petit bourgeous formality in Austria, a hangover from imperial times, an assumption that a respectable member of the community - a lawyer or engineer, for example - could never be the author of a serious crime

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