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University of Pittsburgh Press The Workers’ State: Industrial Labor and the Making of Socialist Hungary, 1944–1958 (Pitt Russian East European)
Book (University of Pittsburgh Press)

Hey! romance one. average age women marry!

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UN Statistics Division (1999) ....1999 so kinda old
Average age at first marriage for women by country
#1 Sweden: 31.4 years
#2 Denmark: 30.1 years
#3 France: 29.5 years
#4 Spain: 29.4 years
#5 Norway: 28.6 years
#6 Australia: 28.6 years
#7 Finland: 28.3 years
#8 Netherlands: 28.3 years
#9 Switzerland: 28.2 years
#10 Ireland: 28.2 years
#11 Germany: 28.2 years
#12 Austria: 27.9 years
#13 United Kingdom: 27.7 years
#14 Canada: 27.4 years
#15 Japan: 27

Good article on why Austrians are so fucked up

by snakeskin7

"There is also the country's apparent problem with institutional racism. There is concern over a number of deaths and injuries in police custody of foreign nationals. (There have been no convictions; Amnesty International has made a formal complaint.)
There is a petit bourgeous formality in Austria, a hangover from imperial times, an assumption that a respectable member of the community - a lawyer or engineer, for example - could never be the author of a serious crime

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Former world slalom champion Pranger retires  — Hilton Head Island Packet
INNSBRUCK, Austria — Austrian slalom skier Manfred Pranger is retiring, five injury-marred years after winning the world title.

The University of North Carolina Press Coca-Colonization and the Cold War: The Cultural Mission of the United States in Austria After the Second World War
Book (The University of North Carolina Press)
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