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Medical University ViennaParticipant 05: Medical University of Vienna
Institute of Neurology
AKH 4J, Waehringer Gürtel 18-20
A-1097 Wien

Project Leader

Prof. Dr. Herbert Budka
Phone: +43 (1)
Fax: +43 (1)

Institute Presentation

The Institute of Neurology of the University of Vienna, internationally also known as Obersteiner Institute, is the eldest and exemplary multidisciplinary neuroscience institution in the world. Because of its long-standing clinical connection, the former "Neurological Institute" is now located in the University Hospital (Allgemeines Krankenhaus/AKH) Vienna and continues to work in the tradition of a nationally and internationally recognised link between basic and clinical neurosciences at highest medical and scientific standards. It is committed to diagnostic service, research and teaching, houses the Austrian Reference Centre for Human Prion Diseases, and serves as European and international centre of excellence and expertise.

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What About the Private Sector?

by ihateyuppies

Nuclear engineering degrees? I think you have tons of flexibility. You work with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission?
Can you work for electric utility companies? Power generation companies? Ever thought about teaching at a university or college if you have a Ph.D. What about the UN International Atomic Energy Agency? Nothing like living and working in Vienna, Austria.
If you don't have flexibility then you will have to stop complaining and start dealing with the real estate situation here in DC.

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