English Speaking College in Austria

Moving to Austria: What should an English-speaking

Moving to Austria: What should an English-speaking American do about jobs, college, getting settled, etc?
I want to move to Austria for a year, perhaps even permanently. I'm 20 and currently have an Associates Degree in Social Science. (I know It isn’t much, but I figure it's helpful if I give a few details about myself.) I'm only fluent in English; I am in the process of learning German but am by no means fluent in it. It is giving me a lot of trouble, I fear I won't fully understand it until I've lived around it. Now I'm aware that you need a visa to live in another country for any long period of time. I also know that in order to gain citizenship in another country you generally have to live there for several years; in Austria I believe it’s five years. What I don’t know is about working and school. I'll need money to live obviously. I'm sure I can find a place to stay, but would an English-speaking American even be able to find a job? If so, what suggestions do you have as to where to look? Also, are there any English-speaking schools I could attend? Any advice or facts would be great!
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No. Your only hope is to stay in the US.
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I am not sure why you would want to move there I think you will find the barriers to employment are very high for you and being a nongerman speaker you will not be socially accepted

Who is Hedy Epstein?

by ClearH2O

Hedy began speaking to audiences in 1970. Her topics include her Nazi Holocaust experiences, her work at the Nuremberg Medical Trial, and her five trips to Palestine since 2003.
Equally conversant in English and German, she has spoken in the US, Germany, and Austria to audiences of schoolchildren, college students, and adults.
In addition, she has appeared on several radio and television shows as a guest. She is a member of the Speakers Bureau of the St. Louis Holocaust Museum and Learning Center.
Hedy has received many awards

Pro football in UK

by peter8791

unfortunately American Football is a comp,letely amateur sport in the UK and therefore no one gets paid : (
germany & austria have semi-pro leagues, and are where a lot of ex-college players go to continue their careers. we do get a few players from the states coming to the UK however due to us being English speaking, and London is a great place to live in (versus some of the smaller cities you might have to stay in in Germany/Austria to actually get paid). And it's pretty easy to find bar/trade work in London, so they can still survive.
Hope that helps and if you're friend has any questions about playing ball in europe, feel free to tell him to drop me an email and Id be more than happy to help

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