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Elmhurst College Abroad: Andriy D

Grüss Gott Elmhurst Students! My adventure began long before my departure to Austria; however I truly knew I was on my way when I boarded the plane in O’Hare Airport. After about 4736 miles and 10 hours of sleepless flight I finally arrived in Vienna.

During the beginning days of my trip I worried about the language barrier. I had two semesters of German prior to my arrival, but it was more than 3 years before my trip began. At first I was struggling to order food in the restaurant; however, after completing 3 weeks of intensive German, I began to get accustomed to German language.

Even now, after living abroad for over a month, I am still getting over the fact that my home is now Vienna! And not simply somewhere in Vienna, but 15 minutes walking from Erste Bezirk (First District) which is the heart of the city! Vienna is astonishing, very clean, and beautiful while managing to remain extremely diverse and multi-cultural (as it is in the heart of Europe). So far I have enjoyed going to Operas, Theatres, and the Ballet on weekdays and have enjoyed the many bars and nightclubs on weekends. During my second week I was able to go to the TU Ball in Hoffburg Palace. It was one of the most exciting experiences of my life. Just imagine dancing the waltz in the same room the Austrian Emperors danced! This experience easily convinced me to want to attend more Balls during my program in Vienna. Lastly, one amazing thing about Austria is its central location. It is stunningly easy to travel almost anywhere in Europe by a short bus or train. I have taken advantage of this by traveling to Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia so far.

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by PrezGore

Background: I grew up and went to school in what novelist William Gass calls "the heart of the heart of the country." My family lived on a farm in central Indiana. I went to Purdue University for my undergraduate degree, first studying to be a veterinarian but soon becoming fascinated, mostly because of the inspired teaching of a single brilliant professor, with political theory. I was there from 1968-1972, exciting times to be a student, even in the conservative midwest. I completed my Ph.D. in political science, with supporting programs in philosophy and history, at the University of Minnesota, where, with the support of my very open-minded advisor, I wrote the first dissertation on women or feminism in that department

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