Bible College in Austria

Gaza Appeal from Bethlehem Bible College

bisharaThe director of the Bethlehm Bible College, Dr. Bishara Awad, wrote me that the BBC has five students and some refugees from Gaza who have been staying at college since the Israeli invasion.

Dr. Bishara said that they have also been in direct touch with friends and relatives in Gaza. What they tell them is all the same: they have no food, no water, no electricity and they are afraid for their lives. Once the war is over they will find out more about the magnitude of the destruction and loss of life. The news agencies do not have enough access to the Gaza Strip due to the Israeli prohibition. Therefore it is difficult to find out exactly what is going on. Dr. Awad suspects that things are much worse in the Gaza Strip than what we are seeing on our TV screens.


From our direct contacts with the folks in Gaza we have learned that people are in need of security, food, fresh water, electric power, fuel for cooking, clothing and blankets.

BBC, through the arm of the Shepherd Society, is working with local churches here to try to raise funds for Gaza. Here is our message for the world:
BETHLEHEM BIBLE COLLEGE (original PDF: gaza-appeal)
(The Shepherd Society)

The University of North Carolina Press From Prejudice to Persecution: A History of Austrian Anti-Semitism
Book (The University of North Carolina Press)

God Breathed?

by raoulduck

Literal fundamentalists. Used to be that fundies insisted on being differentiated from more traditional denominations.
I'm curious how a "badge of honor" seems to have become a pejorative in only one decade. I guess the televangelists have really poisoned that well.
Which theology school are you enrolled in? I had a friend who attended the Capenwray Bible School in Austria and Germany.
I certainly had my doubts about his direction in life, but he managed to grow leaps and bounds within the strictures of his faith.
He met his wife at Capenwray and completed his college degree in Arizona

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