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First place to visit: Vienna, Austria

ImageOn my European adventure last year, our home base was Vienna, Austria, for three months. I wanted to list some reasons why you might want to include this city on your list of European trips, even if you only have a few days to spare.

Vienna is known for its palaces: The Belvedere, Hofburg and Schönbrunn. They have daily tours that show you the insides of the palaces and give more history.

The Belvedere is actually an art museum now. The Belvedere is the former summer residence of Prince of Savoy. I recommend at least one hour here to see the art galleries, featuring Vienna’s famous artist Gustav Klimt, and the most widely known painting in Vienna, “The Kiss.” Be sure to check out the gardens behind the palace as well.


Schönbrunn Palace is home of the Habsburgs. You are free to tour the gardens at no cost, but admission is charged to see inside. One of my favorite things to do while in Vienna was visit Schönbrunn and climb up the hill to the Gloriette. This is a zigzag track that rewards you for your athletic journey by providing a beautiful view of the entire city. It is breathtaking. Schönbrunn houses the world’s oldest zoo as well.

What I really want to highlight is that these locations offer student discounts. Many European museums do, so be sure to take your student ID card with you to Europe.

ImageHofburg: If you’re a fan of History, be sure to check out the Hofburg Palace. What I found most interesting was that Hitler spoke at this very place when he informed Vienna of his plans to take over Europe. Around the corner is the Austrian National Library. Let’s just say it looks a lot like the magnificent library in Beauty and the Beast; books are everywhere!

St. Stephen’s Cathedral, in the heart of Vienna, is another must-see. Created in 1147, this church has become one of Vienna’s best-known landmarks. I enjoyed having quiet/prayer time inside. Traveling can be hectic, so be sure to take advantage of opportunities to reflect.



Pizza Bizi ($) is perfect for college students traveling on a budget. For 2-3 euros, you can enjoy a huge slice of freshly prepared pizza and your choice of toppings.

Café Landtmann ($$) is a coffee house in Vienna with pastries to suit. This is a great way to experience the elegance of cafes in Vienna. Because of cost, I just ordered a drink and pastries.

Figlmüeller ($$) is known for its infamous Wiener Schnitzel recipe, crafted 105 years ago. Schnitzel is a popular Viennese dish, made of thinly pounded pork and covered in a crispy, thin breading. I would recommend going here for dinner. If you make it to Vienna, be sure to try out this delicious speciality.

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