Austria education visa

Austria Student Visa

Different students have different reasons to study in Austria. Many students want to study in desire colleges of Austria as it is mixture of different culture and history. Austria is famous for Europe’s oldest monarchies (the Hapsburg's) as well as geographical peace of connection relation between near east and the west. So it is full of information and fun to study in Austria as you can learn about different cultures. If you are interested to study in any college of Austria, you must be aware about the prerequisite of obtaining the student visa of Austria.

The first step is process your application for taking admission in any desire University of Austria. Once you got the letter of acceptance, your next step is to apply for student visa. You can obtain student visa application form from concerned Embassy of Austria or you can also download it in Pdf format from Austria immigration website. Clearly filled the form with the required general and essential information i.e. your full name, residence address, citizenship and passport information (no and expiry date), travel information. You also need to attach two additional current passport size photographs to process your visa application.

You need to bring original valid passport to process your visa application. If you passport has expired, contact to your local passport office to renew your passport and obtain a new valid passport. If you don’t have passport, apply for fresh passport and make sure it must be valid for at least six months before you travel to Austria.

Attach your letter of acceptance with your visa application, obtained from your desire Austrian University to process your visa application. You visa will not be approved if you would unable to proof that you have a valid letter of acceptance from concerned Austrian Government University. So don’t apply for student visa if you have not obtained letter of acceptance from concerned university.

You also need to provide bank statement clearly shows that you have sufficient funds to cover your whole expense i.e. your living expense, education expense as well as medical expense until your stay in Austria. You can either provide financial statement obtained from your parents, or relative to shows your financial responsibility. The concerned embassy will verify your bank / financial statement either it covers your full expenses.

When you reached Austria, you next step is to find out information about housing. Some Universities in Austria provide housing facility in discount rate. Online resources are available for housing and other issues to help American students before departure. You have to buy a medical insurance in Austria that covers your full insurance. Emergency treatment issuance is not acceptable; you have to show your full insurance policy.

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Try walking into austria without a visa...see how fast you get deported

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.. are then eager to place within their walls works of art from his hand, whether in the form of drawings, collages, or sculpture".

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The İstanbul Baroque Ensemble and soloists of the Austrian Baroque Consort will be on stage again for the third and the last performance of the festival on May 8 at the Austrian Culture Office in Yeniköy.

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