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Vienna Austria- Study Abroad

“Traveling is almost like talking with men of other centuries.” – Rene Descartes. During my time at school I would love to study in Vienna, Austria. It is a city steeped in history, and even though it is located in such a small country, it has influenced world events since its founding by the Celts in 500 B.C.. Today, Vienna is the 10th largest city in the EU and is a bustling center for European economics and culture. Seeing the classic architecture of the Hofburg and listening to the classical opera in the Staatsoper are just some of the cultural experiences I would enjoy. I find economics and international issues fascinating; and with organizations like OPEC, IAEA and the UN calling Vienna home, my attraction to the city is natural. The sub/youth culture of Vienna also interests me. I love electronic music, and Viennese youth are on the forefront of this ever expanding form of experimental music. I would love to experience the city as something more than a tourist. Living there give me find that in-depth experience I am looking for.

Why don't you read the BOOK instead of the TRIAL of the book

by turak0

You idiot.
You can download "Goebbels Diary" for FREE from Irving's own personal web site: He does this as a PUBLIC SERVICE to historical researchers: relying on their HONESTY not to sell his work illegally. In fact all of his major books about WW2 on his web site are FREE and can be downloaded if you want to READ them...
Don't you do ANY reading on your own? That is IF you can READ a fucking BOOK... can you? I haven't seen any proof yet that you have.
Compare the historical facts in Irving's books to the politically correct propaganda you have been fed all your life

See Arnold pic w/Kurt Waldheim

by biguy94117

See the Neofascinator, Arnold Schwarzenneger, pictured with Kurt Waldheim, Austria's Neofascist Nazi President:
ATTN.: People of California
RE: See the Neofascinator, Arnold Schwarzenneger, pictured with Kurt Waldheim, Austria's Neofascist Nazi President:
At Issue: Arnold's Nazi Problem
Why won't he repudiate Kurt Waldheim?
At Issue:
At Issue: Arnold openly supports neofascists, Kurt Waldheim and Jorg Haider:

Hans Hollein dies, aged 80  — Vienna Times
.. are then eager to place within their walls works of art from his hand, whether in the form of drawings, collages, or sculpture".

İstanbul Baroque Festival marks 20th year in May  — Today's Zaman
The İstanbul Baroque Ensemble and soloists of the Austrian Baroque Consort will be on stage again for the third and the last performance of the festival on May 8 at the Austrian Culture Office in Yeniköy.

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