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Travel information Austria, police tickets

I have to inform about good and bad news loco Austria:

Good news first:

Austrian police and government fully allows navigation systems in cars.

Bad news, now:

Effective with police tickets in Austria became raised huffy. Professional drivers spending some miles in Austria are able to check the new charges on

One of the most important reasons, telling You this, is the very hard controlled speed limit of „pedestrian speed“ – whatever this should be – in so called “Wohnstraßen” (living streets). Due legislature simply has forgotten to define exactly, what they mean with this speed, we – the local TomTomista Group – will start with immediate effect to change the speed limits within these areas to 10 KM/H by Map Share. Therefore please don’t wonder about such speed limits on Your devices, but, we paid enough during last days.

To avoid any misunderstandings, living streets are a more than senseful installation. But not in the situation, You must pass to leave Your garage or has to deliver somthing to a store and police is spending You a ticket due speed after their personal impression. This way is simply defined rip-off.

Shorty, please transfer this information to map department, too.

Servus from Vienna


TomTom XXL IQ Routes Edition, Central Europe V925.5412, Anwendung 9.5.2

My family in Austria are dairy farmers.


The cows are treated very well.
It is a small farm, but they do right by their animals as their animals are their way of life.
Granted big corporate America is not that way and it is a shame.
I was there when I was 13 and actually believe it or not a PETA follower, that is where I got my start on information and began questioning things animal related.

2006 Germany Austria Switzerland Trip From BWI

by tbergbalto

Germany – Austria – Switzerland
Trip Date: 5/24/2006
Trip Length: 14 Days
I am organizing a group to travel to Vienna, Salzburg, Munich, Innsbruck, Lucerne, and Heidelberg.
You can leave from BWI and the trip includes just about everything – including airfare so you can relax knowing it’s all taken care of.
The tour is with the most reputable tour group I could find after extensive research. All payments are made directly to the tour company. This isn’t a scam. I’m just trying to organize a group of locals to experience the beautiful Alps, fairytale castles, and small Bavarian villages together

Hans Hollein dies, aged 80  — Vienna Times
.. are then eager to place within their walls works of art from his hand, whether in the form of drawings, collages, or sculpture".

İstanbul Baroque Festival marks 20th year in May  — Today's Zaman
The İstanbul Baroque Ensemble and soloists of the Austrian Baroque Consort will be on stage again for the third and the last performance of the festival on May 8 at the Austrian Culture Office in Yeniköy.

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